Start My NUA Today!

Do you know the tax advantages regarding Net Unrealized Appreciation (N.U.A.) or how it works with your lower cost basis stock? Did you know it’s a one-time opportunity BEFORE the final savings plan distribution? The good news is that we have experience helping retirees solve their problems, reduce their taxes, and increase their retirement flexibility. It’s easy to get started. Just click the START my NUA TODAY link or fax us all pages of a recent Savings plan statement. In 5 minutes or less you can be well on your way to making wiser decisions and planning ahead on critical investment and tax strategies.


The 3 P's Behind the Energy Industry & Your Retirement

Advisor.Investments reminds us gas doesn’t magically make its way to stations across the globe and you don't dump a lifetime of retirement savings in the lowest cost operation and hope for a good retirement. Preparing for and planning during retirement and is a detailed, ever-changing art and what worked for you a decade ago – or even a year ago – may not continue working for you today, tomorrow, or next year. Instead it's a process that requires work year after year throughout your lifetime we call the 3P’s.


10 Steps To Prepare For The Next Investment Storm

In this video Advisor.Investments attempts to turn a situation in which we have no control, into a series of questions that may help us take better action. When preparing for an “investment storm” we recommend you consider the following advice.


Covered Calls

In this video we explore and highlight some of the basics regarding selling covered calls on a stock. The video offers (1) the covered call explanation (2) an option quote review and (3) diagram of a hypothetical scenario.


Net Unrealized Appreciation Low Cost Basis Stock

In this video Shane and James give insight into Net Unrealized Appreciation including a brief definition of NUA, a savings plan overview, and a hypothetical scenario of the tax benefit.

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