Investment Environment and Mindset
A major aspect of creating a positive investment environment is a detailed understanding the following concepts. The broader environment includes gambling and speculative thoughts; therefore, an investor must attempt to filter out the noise.
  1. There is no guarantee on account performance.
  2. Investment managers have discretion on investment decisions, unless reasonable restrictions have been placed. 
  3. We will not invest based on popularity but rather based on an analysis of the business and investment opportunity.
  4. We have no skill in predicting market moves, economic cycles, nor political events, etc. Thankfully, we do not find that necessary to achieve decent investment returns.
  5. We expect some investments will fail to achieve the desired result, thus the need for diversification and a broader view over multiple positions and time frames.
  6. Investment performance should be judged on a time frame equivalent to a full market cycle. That cycle is typically measured in years; five-year cycles are a general thought. A full market cycle would be boom-bust-boom or bust-boom-bust.
  7. We are not seeking outperformance of all investments at all times. If a popular momentum-driven pricing environment in any area of investments occurs, underperformance of that area is expected.
We are currently selectively open to new relationships. In order to build a positive environment for investing we are looking for investment minded individuals. The three most important characteristics to distinguish the investment-minded client would be:
  1. A willingness to turn investment decision making over to us.
  2. Patience required to be investors.
  3. Low and steady withdrawal needs.
If you know anyone who might be interested in investing, please contact Shane.